Public Consultation

The CAA issues secondary legislation in support of the provisions of the Law on Civil Aviation. While drafting the regulations, the CAA applies a transparent process of public consultation, offering an opportunity to all interested parties to provide their remarks, comments and suggestions. This information is then analyzed by the CAA structures within a predetermined time and is appropriately addressed. It is the obligation of all CAA structures proposing secondary legislation to take into consideration observations of the stakeholders.

We do so because we believe that certain field can be regulated only by recognizing the real needs of interested parties, stakeholders and the general public. Through this process the CAA gains solid knowledge about the situation of stakeholders, the need for action and the appropriateness of the measures planned to be undertaken.

After completing the public consultation process, secondary legislative acts are endorsed by the Director General and entered into force.

Under public consultation:

Past consultations:


Technical Publications


FRM 1 Public Consultation Form



02-2019 Report on public consultation of interested parties (alb)
01-2019 Report on public consultation of interested parties (alb)
10/2018 Report on public consultation of interested parties (alb)
9/2017 Report On Public Consultation Of Interested Parties
1 Draft regulation on registered aerodromes
3/2015 Raport për konsultimin publik të palëve të interesit
1/2015 Report on public consultation of interested parties
7/2014 Report on public consultation of the interested parties
6/2014 Report on public consultation of interested parties
8/2014 Draft Regulation on Conditions and Methods of Transporting Dangerous Goods by Air
2 Meeting Minutes from the process of public consultation
6 Draft-regulation on conditions and methods of use of hang-gliders and paragliders
5 Draft-regulation on microlight aircraft
4 Draft-regulation on approved aerodromes
3 Draft-regulation on amendments and changes to the Regulation no. 01/2008 on aerodromes