Personnel Licensing

Anyone wanting to become an airman, whether for an aeroplane, helicopter, microlight, glider or hot-air balloon, has to complete a clearly defined training path. This includes theoretical lessons as well as practical training in the aircraft concerned. The training is completed with an examination.

The CAAK is responsible for issuance, renewal and revocation of licences for:

  • Flight crew (aircraft pilot licences and theoretical examinations, cabin crew, training organisations, language proficiency assessment bodies, approved FSTD training organisations, etc.);
  • Aircraft maintenance personnel (Part-66 licences and theoretical examinations, Part-147 organisations, etc.);
  • Air traffic controller licences and air traffic controller training organisations;
  • Flight dispatcher licences and Flight operations officers; and
  • Medical Certificates.

Licences are issued on the basis of completed training programmes which are conducted for each type of aviation personnel, following a thorough examination process. Once issued, a licence is to be renewed after a certain period of time defined by the relevant regulation. Detailed rules for this type of activity can be found separately for each type of aviation personnel in the specific regulations.


03-2022 o izmeni Uredbe (ACV) br. 05/2015 u pogledu prijavljenih organizacija za obuku
09-2021 amending Regulation (CAA) no. 05/2015 as regards the requirements for flight crew competence and training methods, and as regards the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation
16-2017 Amendment of CAA Regulation no. 5/2015 as regards pilot training, testing and periodic checking for performance-based navigation
09-2017 Reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation
07-2015 Continuing Airworthiness of Aircraft and Aeronautical Products, Parts and Appliances, and on the approval of Organisations and Personnel involved in these tasks
05-2015 Laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew
04-2014 Implementation of Annex 1 - Personnel Licensing
04-2010 Licences and authorizations for aviation staff - helicopter pilots - repealed by Regulation no. 5/2015
07-2009 Licences and authorizations for aviation staff -- aircraft pilots - repealed by Regulation no. 5/2015
03-2009 Common Rules in the Field of Civil Aviation and Responsibilities of the European Aviation Safety Agency

Technical Publications

TP 30 Catalogue of theory exam questions for licensing and authorisations of microlight aircraft pilots


AAC-DSF-GAT-FRM 01 Application for issuing a license
AACK-SHNA-NSA FRM 6 Air traffic controller licence application
AACK-DSF-TL-FRM 02 Application for Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO) Part-147
CAAK/FSD/TL-FRM-1 Application for Initial-Amendment-Renewal of Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML)
CAAK/FSD/TL-FRM-9 Application for Approval to Use a Qualified Flight Synthetic Training Device (FSTD A-H)
CAAK/FSD/TL-FRM-6 Application for Approval of Training Programme-s
CAAK/FSD/TL-FRM-8 Application for Approval of an Helicopter for JAR FCL Training
CAAK/FSD/TL-FRM-7 Application for Approval of an Aeroplane for JAR FCL Training
CAAK/FSD/TL-FRM-5 Application for Accreditation of Language Proficiency Assessment Body