Air Navigation Services

Air Navigation Services (ANS) Department is responsible for the Regulation, Monitoring, Inspection, Certification and general Safety Oversight of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) within the Republic of Kosovo. It ensures that safety regulations and standards for ANSPs are in line with ICAO standards and recommended practices, EU aviation acquis, including EUROCONTROL rules.

According to  Law 03/L-051 on Civil Aviation, CAAK is designated as the National Supervisory Authority (NSA) as provided for in Regulation (EC) No. 549/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 March 2004, which establishes the framework for the creation of the Single European Sky. The ANS department performs all the NSA duties and tasks on behalf of the CAA.

As such, this departments is responsible for Certification and subsequently the Safety Oversights of the ANSPs within the Republic of Kosovo, which provide the following Services:

  • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • Communication Navigation and Surveillance (CNS);
  • Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) and
  • Meteorological Service (METEO).

The ANS Department is furthermore responsible for Certification of Training Organizations that provide initial and refresher training to Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) and the continuous oversight of training systems put in place to maintain the competency of ATCOs. The ANS department is also responsible for ATCO licensing and approval of unit training plans and unit competency schemes.

The ANS Department ensures that aeronautical information are published in Kosovo Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and are in place for use by air operators operating in Kosovo airspace.


04-2019 Laying down requirements for voice channels spacing for the Single European Sky
07-2018 Laying down requirements on aircraft identification for surveillance for the single european sky
05-2018 Amending and supplementing the Regulation No. 02/2015 on the fees levied by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Kosovo
01-2018 On Requirements for Service Providers Related to Training and Competence Assessment for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP)
03-2018 laying down requirements for the performance and the interoperability of surveillance for the Single European Sky
01-2018 Mbi kërkesat për ofruesit e shërbimeve në lidhje me trajnimin dhe vlerësimin e kompetencës për personelin e elektronikës të sigurisë të trafikut ajror (ATSEP)
19-2017 Laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures relating to air traffic controllers' licences and certificates
11-2017 Laying down a list classifying occurrences in civil aviation to be mandatorily reported according to CAA Regulation no. 09/2017
09-2017 Reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation
01-2016 amending Regulations no. 8/2009, 9/2009, 10/2009 and 11/2009
02-2015 Fees levied by CAAK (amended and supplemented with the Regulation No. 02/2015)
09-2014 Aeronautical charts
02-2014 Implementation of Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation on Meteorological Services
02-2014 Implementation of Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation on Meteorological Services
05-2013 Implementation of Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation on Aeronautical Information Services
04-2013 Regulation 04-2013 Implementation of Annex 11 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation on Air Traffic Services
07-2012 Conditions for provision of air navigation services
06-2012 Safety oversight in air traffic management and air navigation services
05-2012 Rules for air traffic controllers' licences and other certificates
08-2011 Inspectors authorizations and credentials
10-2011 Approval of flight procedures
03-2011 Calibration of aeronautical installations from the air
18-2010 Flexible use of airspace
17-2010 Establishment of a Joint Undertaking to Develop the New Generation European Air Traffic Management System (SESAR)
16-2010 Requirements for the application of a flight message transfer protocol
15-2010 Implementation of the requirements on procedures for flight plans in the pre-flight phase for the Single European Sky
13-2010 Amending Regulation 4-2008 on ATCO licence - repealed by Regulation 5-2012
12-2010 Certification of an air navigation service provider
07-2010 Laying down requirements on air-ground voice channel spacing for SES
06-2010 Laying down requirements for automatic systems for the exchange of flight data
14-2009 Establishing a software safety assurance system to be implemented by air navigation service providers
13-2009 Safety oversight in air traffic management - repealed by Regulation No. 6/2012
12-2009 Common requirements for the provision of air navigation services - repealed by Regulation no. 7/2012
11-2009 Interoperability of European Air Traffic Management Network
10-2009 Organisation and use of airspace in the Single European Sky
09-2009 Provision of air navigation services in the Single European Sky
08-2009 Single European Sky
01-2009 Occurrence reporting in civil aviation (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2017)
04-2008 Air traffic controller licence repealed by Regulation No. 5/2012

Technical Publications

AACK-SSP-MAN Aviation State Safety Programme of the Republic of Kosovo
TP 26 Safety Management System (SMS) for Service Providers
TP 15 SAM – System Safety Assesment
tp 14 sam - preliminary system safety assessment
tp 13 sam - functional hazard identification
TP 05 Occurrence Reporting in Civil Aviation


AACK-SHNA-NSA FRM 6 Air traffic controller licence application
AACK-SHNA-NSA FRM 2 ANSP change notification