Pursuant to Law No. 03/L-051 on Civil Aviation, Aerodrome means a defined area on land or water (including any buildings, installations and equipment) which is used wholly or partly for the arrival, departure and surface movement of aircraft.

As described in the Law on Civil Aviation, the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation requires that all aerodromes open to civil public use under the jurisdiction of a State should ensure uniform conditions for the aircrafts which intend to use it. Furthermore, each State shall insure that aerodromes comply with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) developed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

In the Republic of Kosovo, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for certification, approval and registration of aerodromes available for civilian use, including heliports. To verify and ensure full implementation of the applicable local and international legislation, aerodromes inspectors continuously observe the aerodromes safety through audits, inspections and monitoring of their activities.

Depending on the nature of operations, annual traffic of passengers and aircraft movements for transportation of goods, civil aerodromes are categorized as certified aerodromes, approved airfields and registered aerodromes.


01-2023 amending Regulation (CAA) No. 17/2017 as regards the requirements for all weather operations and as regards the definition of SNOWTAM
10-2021 amending Regulation (CAA) No. 17/2017 as regards the conditions and procedures for the declaration by organisations responsible for the provision of apron management services
06-2021 amending Regulation (CAA) no. 17/2017 as regards to runway safety and aeronautical data
07-2020 On professional training for the duties of importance to the safety of aerodrome operations and certification of the professional training organizations
06-2019 Amending and supplementing Regulation No. 17/2017 on requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes
05-2019 On amending and supplementing the Regulation no. 4/2011 on access to the groundhandling market
03-2019 Marking of obstacles
02-2019 Administrative fines and measures imposed by Civil Aviation Authority of Kosovo
10-2018 On amending and supplementing the Regulation no. 3/2012 on approved aerodromes
09-2018 On aerodrome protective zones
05-2018 Amending and supplementing the Regulation No. 02/2015 on the fees levied by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Kosovo
17-2017 Administrative provisions and procedures relating to aerodromes
11-2017 Laying down a list classifying occurrences in civil aviation to be mandatorily reported according to CAA Regulation no. 09/2017
09-2017 Reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation
04-2016 Amending and supplementing Regulation 05-2010 on Airport Protective Zones (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2018)
09-2015 Registered aerodromes
03-2015 Airport charges
02-2015 Fees levied by CAAK (amended and supplemented with the Regulation No. 02/2015)
03-2014 Helicopter take-off and landing areas outside an aerodrome
01-2014 Professional training of aerodrome employees and approval of professional training organizations
02-2013 Amendment and supplement of Regulation 02-2010 on marking of obstacles (repealed by Regulation no. 03/2019)
04-2012 Ammendment and supplement of Regulation No. 01/2008 on Aerodromes (repealed by the Regulation no. 17/2017 on requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes)
03-2012 Approved aerodromes (amended and supplemented with the Regulation No. 10/2018)
08-2011 Inspectors authorizations and credentials
04-2011 Access to the groundhandling market
05-2010 Aerodrome protective zones (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2018)
02-2010 Marking of obstacles (repealed by Regulation no. 03/2019)
01-2009 Occurrence reporting in civil aviation (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2017)
01-2008 Aerodromes (repealed by the Regulation no. 17/2017 on requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodromes)

Technical Publications

TP 27 Procedures for Aerodrome Changes
AACK-SSP-MAN Aviation State Safety Programme of the Republic of Kosovo
TP 26 Safety Management System (SMS) for Service Providers
TP 25 Aeronautical Ground Lighting and Maintenance
TP 24 The measurement and assessment of runway surface friction characteristics (repealed)
TP 21 Apron Risk Management
TP 20 Aerodrome Wildlife Strike Hazard Management
TP 18 Aircraft Fuelling
TP 16 Criteria and procedure for issuance of groundhandling approval
TP 08 Aerodrome Development (repealed by TP 27)
TP 05 Occurrence Reporting in Civil Aviation
TP 03 Aerodrome Protective Zones
DOC Airfields in the Republic of Kosovo


AACK-AGA-FRM 10 Application for certification of professional training organization
AACK-AGA-FRM 23 Application of Proposed Change at an Certificated Aerodrome
AACK-AGA-FRM 22 Declaration of compliance
AACK-AGA-FRM 21 Aerodrome Manual Checklist
AACK-AGA-FRM 20 Operations Basis (OB) checklist
AACK-AGA-FRM 19 Certification Basis (CB) checklist
AACK-AGA-FRM 15 Application for Aerodrome Registration
AACK-AGA-FRM 11 Application for approval as a supplier of groundhandling services or a self-handler
AACK-AGA-FRM 10 Application for Authorisation of Professional Training Organisation
AACK-AGA-FRM 04 Application for an Aerodrome Approval
AACK-AGA-FRM 01 Application for an Aerodrome Certificate


15.A-A1 Certificate Class A - 20.000 €
15.A-A2 Certificate Class B - 10.000 €
15.A-A3 Certificate Class C - 5.000 €




Burim Dinarama
Tel: +383 38 200 74 265


Emir Hiseni
Aerodromes inspector
Tel: +383 38 200 74 266


Minir Istrefi
Aerodromes inspector
Tel: +383 38 200 74 267


Alban Ramabaja
Aerodromes inspector
Tel: +383 38 200 74 268