International Cooperation

Republic of Kosovo has accepted the obligations that UNMIK has taken on behalf of Kosovo with the signing of the European Common Aviation Area, parts of which are EU countries and Western Balkans, including Kosovo.

As a result, the Civil Aviation Authority, along with other institutions with public responsibilities in civil aviation in the Republic of Kosovo, which derive from the Law on Civil Aviation, implements a large number of EU legislation on safety, security, air traffic management and economic regulation of aviation in the internal legal order and become part of the common market of air transportation. CAA has produced an Acquis Communautaire – Republic of Kosovo national legislation equivalency table in the field of aviation which should help the public determine in a quick way national legislation transposing European legislation and international treaties into the Republic of Kosovo internal legal order.

The Civil Aviation Authority endeavors to establish relations with regional and international organizations involved in civil aviation, such as the European Union, EASA, ICAO, EUROCONTROL, ECAC, etc. The CAA also advises and assists the Ministry of Infrastructure in the creation and implementation of international initiatives in the field of aviation.

CAA also coordinates international technical assistance in the field of civil aviation that is provided by the European Union and the donor community for institutions involved in the regulation of aviation in the Republic of Kosovo.