Lajme CAAK has launched a redesigned website


On 7 March Kosovo CAA launched a redesigned website. The new website has been redesigned by adapting to the needs of the public and customers for easier access to information that is relevant for a particular purpose.

Through the horizontal menu, the page covers general policies, developments and administrative aspects of the CAA. Various services offered by the CAA to the interested parties are made accessible through the left vertical menu, while the right-side vertical menu allows the industry to be quickly informed by the CAA as well as to report back to it.

The new website is more flexible allowing easier expansion in the future, in parallel with the expansion of services to be provided by the CAA.
The format was chosen after research of websites of other authorities by selecting and combining their positive elements while taking into account the level of activity of the CAA.

Special attention has also been given to the presence in social networks, making it easier for visitors to distribute material and stay informed of CAAK developments.