Aerodrome Protective Zones

Aerodrome protective zones include a series of surfaces that define the airspace in and around the aerodrome to be kept unobstructed in order to allow for safe aircraft operations and to prevent the construction of buildings, which would restrict the functionality of the aerodrome.

Aerodrome protective zones are defined by the aerodrome operators in accordance with Regulation No. 9/2018 on aerodrome protection zones, in accordance with the standards of Chapter 4, of Annex 14 of the Chicago Convention.

In order to maintain the safety of civil aviation in the Republic of Kosovo, it is of utmost importance that all legal entities and individual persons who own or plan to build a facility in the vicinity of an aerodrome, all institutions responsible for issuing building permits under Law No. 04/L-110, and all aerodrome operators, should cooperate and comply with the procedures prescribed in the regulation on aerodrome protective zones.

In order to support and facilitate the implementation of  the regulation by the responsible authorities, the CAA has published  a manual,  TP-03 Aerodrome Protective Zones, which provides technical guidance for evaluating and defining these areas.


03-2019 Marking of obstacles
09-2018 On aerodrome protective zones
04-2016 Amending and supplementing Regulation 05-2010 on Airport Protective Zones (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2018)
05-2010 Aerodrome protective zones (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2018)

Technical Publications

TP 03 Aerodrome Protective Zones






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