Groundhandling Service Providers

Groundhandling includes all services required for an aircraft while it is on the ground. Some airlines use external partners to perform such services, while other airlines prefer to perform these activities on their own. Groundhandling includes apron services, passenger services, cargo and mail service, load control/weight & balance, aircraft services, etc.

In order to define the rules and procedures governing access to the groundhandling market at civil aviation airports in the Republic of Kosovo, in accordance with the Multilateral Agreement on a European Common Aviation Area and the requirements of the European Council Directive No. 96/67/EC on access to the groundhandling market, the CAA has issued Regulation No. 4/2011 on Access to the groundhandling market. In Accordance with the regulation, any supplier wishing to participate in providing groundhandling should apply for to the CAA for approval.

Furthermore, the CAA has published TP – 16 “Criteria and approval procedures for issuing the groundhandling approval”. The criteria are of the safety and financial security nature, therefore the Aerodromes Department and the Aviation International Cooperation and Economic Regulation Department of the CAA are responsible for reviewing all applications for approval of groundhandling at aerodromes of the Republic of Kosovo.


10-2021 amending Regulation (CAA) No. 17/2017 as regards the conditions and procedures for the declaration by organisations responsible for the provision of apron management services
05-2019 On amending and supplementing the Regulation no. 4/2011 on access to the groundhandling market
04-2011 Access to the groundhandling market

Technical Publications

TP 16 Criteria and procedure for issuance of groundhandling approval


AACK-AGA-FRM 11 Application for approval as a supplier of groundhandling services or a self-handler





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