Approved Aerodromes

In order to regulate the safety of aerodromes for the public civil use, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Kosovo approves the aerodromes under Regulation No. 3/2012 on Approved Aerodromes, and in accordance with the standards of Annex 14 of the Chicago Convention.

According to this regulation the term “aerodrome” includes heliports, airfields, and gliding fields. All aerodromes in which the annual traffic does not exceed 10,000 passengers per year or have less than 850 aircraft movements per year for transportation of goods, must be approved by the CAA.

The basic conditions to be met for approval of an aerodrome are described in detail in Regulation No. 3/2012 on Approved Aerodromes.


10-2018 On amending and supplementing the Regulation no. 3/2012 on approved aerodromes
09-2018 On aerodrome protective zones
04-2016 Amending and supplementing Regulation 05-2010 on Airport Protective Zones (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2018)
02-2013 Amendment and supplement of Regulation 02-2010 on marking of obstacles (repealed by Regulation no. 03/2019)
03-2012 Approved aerodromes (amended and supplemented with the Regulation No. 10/2018)
05-2010 Aerodrome protective zones (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2018)
02-2010 Marking of obstacles (repealed by Regulation no. 03/2019)

Technical Publications

TP 27 Procedures for Aerodrome Changes
TP 25 Aeronautical Ground Lighting and Maintenance
TP 21 Apron Risk Management
TP 20 Aerodrome Wildlife Strike Hazard Management
TP 08 Aerodrome Development (repealed by TP 27)
TP 03 Aerodrome Protective Zones


AACK-AGA-FRM 04 Application for an Aerodrome Approval





Burim Dinarama
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Emir Hiseni
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Minir Istrefi
Aerodromes inspector
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Alban Ramabaja
Aerodromes inspector
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