Air Traffic Controllers

The CAA ensures the competence and qualification of Air Traffic Controllers as required by CAA Regulation no. 5/2012 which transposes EC Regulation no. 805/2011 on ATCO Licensing.

Any individual who wishes to provide ATC services must hold an Air Traffic Controller’s (ATCO’s) Licence that includes an associated rating endorsement appropriate to the task. ATCO licences are issued by the CAA following completion of the appropriate approved training courses, examinations and assessments.

Ratings indicate the type of ATC service which an officer may provide, while their associated rating endorsements indicate specialist tasks within those ratings, and where appropriate, the surveillance equipment used to provide the service. In addition, an ATCO licence holder may be granted additional license endorsements such as On the Job Instructor (OJTI) and Examiner endorsement, after relevant requirements are met and appropriate training is completed.

Unit endorsements indicate that the licence holder is competent to provide air traffic control services for a particular sector, group of sectors or working positions under the responsibility of an air traffic services unit. Unit endorsement are renewed every 12 months, after the licence holder or the ATC unit submits evidence to the CAA regarding the competence assessment and fulfilment of relevant requirements.

CAA also issues Student ATC licenses to individuals who have successfully completed an approved Initial Training course relevant to the rating and rating endorsements applied for. A Student ATC may provide ATC service only under the supervision of an OJTI.


Suspension and Revocation of an ATC Licence

The CAA may suspend an ATC Licence, rating or endorsement if the competence of the air traffic controller is “in doubt” or in instances of misconduct.

The CAA may revoke an ATC Licence in cases of gross negligence or abuse.


19-2017 Laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures relating to air traffic controllers' licences and certificates
05-2015 Laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew

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