Flight Dispatchers / Flight Operations Officers (FD/FOO)

Flight Dispatchers / Flight Operations Officers are required to hold a license issued by the CAAK in accordance with the Regulation No. 4/2014 on Personnel Licensing (ICAO Annex 1). The applicant for Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer license shall be not less than 21 years of age. The applicant shall have demonstrated a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted to the holder of a licence, in at least the following subjects:

Air law, Aircraft general knowledge, Flight performance calculation, Planning procedures and loading, Human performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational procedures, Principles of flight and Radio communication

The applicant for an FD/FOO license shall meet the following experience:

  • a total of two years of service in any one or in any combination of the capacities specified below, provided that in any combination of experience the period served in any capacity shall be at least one year:
    • a flight crew member in air transportation; or
    • a meteorologist in an organization dispatching aircraft in air transportation; or
    • an air traffic controller; or a technical supervisor of flight operations officers or air transportation flight operations systems;


  • at least one year as an assistant in the air transport dispatching;


  • have satisfactorily completed an approved training course.


04-2014 Implementation of Annex 1 - Personnel Licensing

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