Air Navigation Service Providers

All organisations providing air navigation services within the Republic of Kosovo are subject to certification by the CAA.  The CAA, in its role as the National Supervisory Authority (NSA), will issue certificates to air navigation service providers, in accordance with Regulation no. 12/2010, after it has verified that they comply with the common requirements for the provision of air navigation services laid down in Regulation no. 7/2012.

Training Organisations

All organizations wishing to provide Air Traffic Control Officer Initial, or Unit and Continuation Training Courses and other approved air traffic control training courses must obtain certification as a Training Organization by demonstrating compliance with the applicable requirements of Regulation no. 5/2012 on ATCO licensing.

Certification Process

The certification process is comprised of several steps:

  1. Notification: Under this step the Service Provider wishing to be certified, notifies the NSA about the intention to apply for a certification. This will start the certification process within the NSA as a Certification Plan will be established and the certification team will be defined.
  2. Application: Under this step the Service Provider will send the formal Application for Certification to the NSA. The Application shall, beside the application form itself, include necessary information for the NSA to initiate the assessment (e.g. Compliance Questionnaires filled-in by the Service Provider).
  3. NSA Assessment: When the NSA has received the complete Application for Certification it will commence the assessment of compliance. During the assessment phase the NSA will assess the eligibility of the applicant, review the documentation submitted and perform on-site audits to verify the compliance with the relevant requirements. The NSA will inform the applicant in writing about the results of the assessment.
  4. Certificate issuance: Once the NSA is satisfied that the applicant is in compliance with all the relevant requirements, it will issue the certificate. The certificate will include information about the services covered by the certificate and any applicable conditions on the certification.
  5. Corrective actions: If the Service Provider is not fully compliant with applicable requirements, the NSA will specify where non-compliances exist (through audit reports) and the Service Provider will have the option to implement corrective actions to remove the non-compliances. When the Service Provider has implemented the corrective actions it will inform the NSA hereof and the NSA will assess whether compliance has been established.

If the NSA concludes that the non-compliances with requirements are such and that it is obvious that the applicant does not wish or is unable to continue the certification process, the NSA may terminate the application process.

The process of Certification described above is applicable to all Companies or Organisations whose principle place of operation and registered office is in Kosovo.


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