The Airspace of the Republic of Kosovo since September 1999 is part of the “Balkans Joint Operations Area – JOA” of NATO, under the operational control of the Combined Air Operations Control 5 (CAOC5), which in 2014 is transferred to Combined Air Operation Centre Torrejon (CAOC TJ). This airspace is a controlled space in which air traffic services are provided.

Kosovo`s lower airspace (below flight level 205) is under the control of the Air Navigation Services Agency,  which provides air navigation services for civil airplanes during flights in Kosovo airspace with intention to  and and take off from Prishtina Airport. In addition, services are provided for  KFOR, EULEX and general  aviation flights in the lower airspace of the country. The lower air space is classified as class D and F airspace, in accordance with provisions on classification of airspace by Annex 11 of ICAO.

The upper airspace (above flight level 205) is open for commercial traffic since April of 2014.

In the lower airspace, there are currently only two corridors (see figure) that are being used for commercial traffic on arrivals and departures in PIA Adem Jashari, and these are XAXAN and SARAX, in southern part of Kosovo, bordering with Macedonia.

Normalization of lower airspace and opening of new airspace corridors is currently under discussion in the NATO Balkans Airspace Normalization Meetings.


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