Commercial Air Transport (CAT)

Commercial Air Transport means a transport of passengers, cargo and/or mail for remuneration or other means of compensation.

Commercial Air Transport may be conducted by an aircraft operator holding a valid Air Operator Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Kosovo (CAAK) and Operating License issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure. To obtain an Air Operator Certificate an operator must complete a thorough process as described in the Technical Publication (TP-07) in order to satisfy CAAK that they are competent to ensure safe operation of aircraft.

Upon issuance of Air Operator Certificate and Operating License, aircraft operators are subject to strict oversight by the CAAK in order to determine continuous compliance with regulations in the field of management system, operational control, conduct of flight operations and many other areas.


10-2017 Amendment of CAA Regulation no. 04/2015 as regards operations by Union air carriers of aircraft registered in a third country
09-2017 Reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation

Technical Publications


AACK-DSF-OPS-FRM 34 Confirmation of an Kosovo air carrier
AACK-DSF-OPS-FRM 33 Air Operator Certificate (AOC) – Variation/ Revision/Change