Occurrence Reporting

The monitoring of air safety is an integral part of the functions exercised by the Civil Aviation Authority of Kosovo. By monitoring safety levels in the aviation industry, the CAAK can measure whether safety risks are being appropriately assessed and identify areas in which safety can be improved. Occurrence reporting contributes significantly to the reactive and proactive identification of safety risks and leads to the improvement of safety measures.

The reporting system involves the notification of incidents by persons and organisations to the CAAK involving any aircraft, maintenance operations, aerodromes or airspace. This information represents a highly valuable contribution to the identification of possible safety risks.

The objective of occurrence reporting is to contribute to the improvement of air safety by ensuring that relevant information on safety is reported, collected, stored, protected and disseminated.

The sole objective of occurrence reporting is the prevention of accidents and incidents and not to attribute blame or liability. Reports can be submitted to the CAAK via two different channels. Which channel to be used depends on the kind of incident:

Mandatory occurrence reporting

This channel is used to report occurrences which have to be reported by organisations in accordance with national and international regulations.

Voluntary occurrence reporting

Occurrences that do not have to be reported by law, but are classified by an observer as safety related, can be reported voluntarily. As of 1st of January 2016, voluntary reports can be submitted to the CAAK using the link provided below in this website

Occurrence Reports are treated confidentially to maintain full and free reporting from the aviation community and to protect the identity of the individual in accordance with Regulation No. 9/2017 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation.

Reporting an Occurrence?

Voluntary Reporting

Mandatory Reporting



Voluntary and Mandatory Occurrence Reporting through the online platform on the CAA official website is currently not possible due to a technical problem. Until the platform is fully operational, please send your reports by e-mail to the address: occurrences@caa-ks.org


11-2017 Laying down a list classifying occurrences in civil aviation to be mandatorily reported according to CAA Regulation no. 09/2017
09-2017 Reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation
09-2010 Implementing rules for the dissemination to interested parties of information on civil avition occurrences, repealed by Regulation 09/2017
08-2010 Implementing rules for the integration into a central repository of information on civil aviation occurrences, repealed by Regulation 09/2017
01-2009 Occurrence reporting in civil aviation (repealed by Regulation no. 09/2017)

Technical Publications

GM Guidance Material on the Reporting, Analysis and Follow-up of Occurrences in Civil Aviation


AACK/DSF/OR-FRM 01 Occurrence Report (operation and maintenance of aircraft, aerodromes)
AACK/DSF/OR-FRM 02 ATS Occurrence Report
AACK/DSF/OR-FRM 03 ATS Engineering Occurrence Report
AACK/DSF/OR-FRM 04 Dangerous Goods Occurrence Report
AACK/DSF/OR-FRM 05 Birdstrike Occurrence Report