News Workshop on Design and Optimization of Airspace held in Prishtina


Civil Aviation Authority with the support of TAIEX has organized an international workshop entitled Design and Optimization of Airspace, held on 13-15 September in Prishtina.

This workshop has been organized to provide advanced knowledge on the organization of airspace to civil aviation professionals from the industry and the regulator. The workshop was attended by participants from the Civil Aviation Authority, the Air Navigation Services Agency as well as representatives from Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Topics on design and modelling of airspace were presented by experienced and renowned professors and experts coming from the University of Civil Aviation of France (ENAC) in Toulouse, Hungarian provider of air navigation services HungaroControl, Technical University of Prague in the Czech Republic and the Czech provider of air navigation services.

Some of the topics that were discussed at the workshop were: assessment and design of sectors and air routes, the concept of free routes vs.  air corridors, performance-based navigation and point merge system, route design and i4D trajectories as well as ACDM system for airports.

Globally, air traffic has seen consistent growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. European airspace, in its current organization, will face difficulties in meeting the capacity needs of the growing flow of flights expected in the future. Therefore, the reorganization of airspace and its optimization is given special importance by professionals.

Overall, participants were satisfied with the workshop and the quality of presentations and topics discussed. Experts were also pleased with the level of interest and professionalism shown by the participants.