News PIA Adem Jashari served 1,885,136 passengers during 2017, representing an increase of 8.08% compared to 2016


Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari has served a total of 1,885,136 in 2017, according to statistics collected by LKIA operator. This number of passengers is 8.08% higher than the number of passengers served at this airport in 2017 (1,744,202).

As usual, August had the highest number, totaling 241,905 passengers, followed by July with 234,565, while the lowest was February with 108,784 passengers. The rise was double-digit during the months of April, July, August and December. July and September were marked by a rise of over 12% and April by 20%.

During the last year Prishtina had 7.508 flights, 3.5% more than last year. Months that stood out were July and August, 882 and 934 flights respectively. On the other hand, February had the lowest number of flights: 433.

Destinations that represent most of the traffic market are Zurich with 17.6% of the total traffic, Basel (BSL/MLH) – 12.7%, Dusseldorf – 8.8%, Istanbul (IST) – 7.3%, Geneva – 7.0%, Stuttgart – 5.8%, Munich – 5.6% and Vienna with 5.2%. Country-wise, Switzerland leads with 37.3% of total traffic from Prishtina, followed by Germany by 28.6%, Turkey by 16.4%, Austria by 5.2%, and Slovenia by 2.7% and so on.

Among airlines, Germania leads with 294,633 passengers served in 2017 to and from Prishtina, followed by Easy Jet with 255,810, Edelweiss – 211.810, Adria Airways – 177,166, Turkish Airlines – 144,040, Eurowings – 131,889, Germany Flug – 166,467 and so on.

As for onward destinations from Prishtina, leads New York (JFK), followed by London (Heathrow), Helsinki, Copenhagen, Zurich and Frankfurt.

Air cargo by weight has increased by 4%, but from a low base.

Full statistics are available here.